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Events/General video

*Please contact for quote and details


$100 per hour photo shoot

*This includes the use of a drone and/or a DSLR camera

Real estate

$100 Exterior OR Interior Photos

$160 Exterior OR Interior Video

$200 Exterior Package (Photos + Video) OR Interior Package (Photos + Video)

$200 Interior + Exterior Photos

$260 Interior + Exterior Video

$350 Full package (Video + Photos for Interior + Exterior)

*Please call for a quote on properties over 50 acres or property value over $500,000


$1800 for up to 8 hours

$100 extra per hour after 8 hours

*Includes all raw footage and a highlight video

TV COMMERCIAL or online advertisement video

*Please contact for a quote

2D/3D informative Mapping (Agriculture, COMMERCIAL, and inspection Service)

$100 for 5 Acres or less

$3 Extra per acre after 10 acres

*Please contact us to learn more about the 2D/3D informative capabilities